Should You Consider an Internship After You Graduate?

Many students labor under the misconception that they can only obtain internships while they’re in school. And while many internship opportunities are geared towards students with the goal of helping them to learn in a real-world setting in addition to the classroom, the fact is that you don’t necessarily have to be enrolled in college in order to get an internship. The reason is that there are actually two main categories of internship. The one that you are probably most familiar with is unpaid, and the tradeoff for showing up is that you get college credit for your time, not to mention the experience of having a job without the pressure to perform (although you will have to observe some rules, like showing up on time and doing as you’re told). The second type of internship is paid, and these are offered less frequently for obvious reasons (why pay an intern when you can get one for free and hire a pro for the paid position?). Continue reading

Three Tips for Acing Your Virtual Job Interview

Nothing can be more stressful than preparing for a job interview. Under the best circumstances, you’re staring down the barrel of thirty pressure-filled minutes trying to sell yourself to a complete stranger while simultaneously seeming modest and affable. Your interviewer is going to ask you loaded questions like, “What would you say is your greatest weakness?” and “How would your past assistants describe your demeanor?” It’s enough to make even the most self-assured professional feel a pang of anxiety.

The digital revolution has ushered in some significant changes to the interview protocol including the dreaded virtual interview. Unlike a typical phone interview, during a virtual interview job candidates are often asked to contact their interviewers using video chat applications like Skype and Facetime. You may not be physically in front of your interrogator, but appearances still matter. So what are the standards and concerns unique to this emerging ritual? What do you need to do to prepare to be grilled over the web? You’ve worked so hard to earn this opportunity. Don’t let superficial mistakes hurt your chances of employment.

The following are three critical tips for acing your next virtual interview. Continue reading

Top 3 Post-Intern Interview Tips

This is the time of year when a lot of college students are out of school, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be busy. Indeed, summer is the time when many people are participating in internships.

That is if all goes well with their interview.

Indeed, sometimes, when it comes to an internship, people are so focused on how they need to prepare for the interview as well as the interview itself, that they overlook the etiquette involved when it comes to the waiting period between applying for the job (because yes, an internship is still a job!) and getting an official offer.

If you’re looking for some post intern interview tips, here are three of them:

Say “Thank You”. If you were raised in a home where etiquette was paramount, then this might be something that you’re already familiar with because “thank you” notes are things that are customarily given out when people send you a gift or come to an event of yours. Some people don’t stop to think that this would apply to an internship, but the truth of the matter is that by meeting with you, an employer took out the time to consider you to be a part of their company so that you could learn more about it. Time is invaluable and so yes, within 24-48 hours of the interview, make sure to either send them a thank you email or handwrite (and mail) them a note. By the way, in this technological age, the latter will leave a far more lasting impression.

Don’t be a nuisance. In almost every life scenario, waiting can be a challenge. When it comes to hearing back regarding an internship, it can be even more difficult, especially if it’s one that you’re really excited about. Sure, the employer may have interviewed a lot of people (in the case of college internships, that’s oftentimes the case), but just because you didn’t hear from them the next day, that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about you. Remember that there is a fine line between being persistent and being a nuisance. Give human resources at least a week to do any follow-up. If you don’t hear from them by then, it’s safe to call (or email) to see if there’s any word. However, if they tell you that they’ll notify you once they’ve reached a decision, make sure to take that very literally. If you’re the one for the job, they will certainly let you know.

Take “no” gracefully. If you’re not accepted for the position, there are two wise sayings that definitely apply in this case: “You can’t win them all” and “Everything happens for a reason”. No one likes rejection, but it’s certainly a part of life, so if you don’t get the internship, try not to take it too personally. It’s actually pretty classy to send the company a thank you for considering you in the first place (at the very least, they’ll remember how professional you are). Then, move on to what your next plan of action will be. Maybe it’s a part-time job. Or maybe it will free you up to look into that online MBA program that you’ve been thinking about. Whatever it is that you decide to do post-rejection, don’t forget that a “no” to one thing is simply a “yes” to other opportunities that lie ahead.

5 Reasons Your Interview Didn't Turn Into an Offer

You left an interview sure you were going to receive an offer. You gave the hiring manager a firm handshake and walked out the door with the world at your disposal. You were articulate, intelligent, witty, and perfectly qualified. Or so you thought. Receiving a rejection letter or email after an interview you felt was successful downright sucks. What went wrong? Here are 5 common reasons your interview didn’t end with a job offer and some ways to avoid them in your next interview. Continue reading

How to Nail Your Internship Interview

You spent months doing research, sending out resumes and following up, all while juggling your college course load. And now you find you’ve actually got a slew of internship interviews to go to! You’re ecstatic, but also terrified, because the last thing you want is to have done all this work and then blow it in the interview room. So what can you do to nail that interview and land the internship that you want? Continue reading